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Best Call Girls In London Are At Dolls And Roses

Dolls-and-RosesLondon is home to numerous escort agencies, each priding itself in offering the best call girls. However, not all agencies are to be trusted in the sense that they do not always deliver what they promise. As such, it makes sense to conduct a keen research of the agency in order to get value for your money. Dolls and Roses is the leading agency in London, is has built its reputation over the years for its reliability;

  • Pretty Models; Dolls and Roses has pretty call girls who are classy, and very cultured. You need a lady who will impress during your stay in London, one who can comfortably accompany you to a business meeting, or any other setting.
  • Discretion; your privacy is of great essence when hooking up with a call girl in London. Dolls and Roses attaches great importance to client discretion, and all escorts are vetted and trained on the need to guarantee the client privacy at all times.
  • Multi Lingual; one of the most unique features of escorts at Dolls who the best VIP London escorts and Roses is their ability to speak several languages at once. As a visitor to London, you don’t have to break a sweat trying to get an escort who speaks your language; Dolls and Roses has escorts fluent in English, French, Italian, Arabic, and any other language. This is a plus; it means that you can have great fun together without struggling to communicate.
  • VIP escorts; Dolls and Roses understands that some clients prefer to hang out with Dolls and Roses. You’ll thus find some of the best VIP escorts in London at Dolls and Roses, for a memorable and once in a lifetime encounter!


The next time you find yourself in London and in want of a call girl, spare yourself the hassle of conducting endless searches online; just visit Dolls and Roses, and see why they are king when it comes to offering the best escort girls!

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Why do Models like to be Escorts?


Models are beautiful, elegant and classy. This makes it possible for them to walk the runways looking like God’s gift to man. They can make any outfit look spectacular without even trying. So what many people wonder is, why do most of them love to double as escorts? It could be a tough question but looking at it objectively anyone would be able to see the numerous similarities that the two career paths bear. Some of them include;

  • Beauty requirement

In both modeling and escort industries, breathtaking beauty is somewhat a requirement. Models are usually very beautiful and they could be turning to the escort industry because they feel confident in their physical appearance. As such, they are able to commune and socialize with men in healthy relationships as a way of asserting themselves in the changing society.

  • Lots of traveling

You can’t be a model if you are not ready to embrace the requirements that come with being one. There are some people who love to travel and most models are categorized in this group. Whenever they don’t have projects or beauty contests most models love visiting new places. Being an escort to a model is like killing two birds with one stone; it can be a source of income for them, but also a chance to travel widely.

  • Flashy lifestyle

Models are known to love flashy lifestyles; whenever they are bored with their lives they go in search of fun and pomp, or hang out with the elite who is who in the society. Being an escort naturally cures this inclination since most of the clients are often successful people who have the financial wherewithal to spoil and treat them like queens.

  • They have fun doing something that pays

Being an escort has the fun side of it, much as it is an income generating occupation. The chance to be seen with a successful guy, for instance, or traveling to far places in private Jets in the line of duty is something few models would resist. Thus when most get a chance to become an escort, they quickly grab the opportunity!


Models almost always turn to escorting every once in a while especially in between jobs and whenever they are free. It helps them boost their confidence, and even exposes them to the real world, unlike the choreographed world of modeling where judges always call the shots.


Being a model, and an escort go hand in hand; the line between is pretty thin.

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